петък, 27 май 2016 г.

Thermal food container Enjoy - Italian Design

Do you spend the entire dinner party in the kitchen often, while your partner is having an interesting chat with the friends?
Do you want to bring  new or unique food to cultural or family gatherings, only to have them spoiled when you are cold?
Is the baking dish you utilize for new meals not exactly dining room table worthy?
Will you be a frustrated barbecue make meals because nobody is preparing to eat wintry hamburgers?
Here is the solution!  Enjoy insulated food servers
Practical in function, beautiful in design.
Inside is a baking dish that can be used to cook in a normal oven or microwave to prepare any meal
Is a superior quality outside, double wall insulated thermal pot that will sustain your food hot or cool for many hours, without alterations to food preference or quality.
After you have prepared with the baking dish, simply store it straight into the thermal pot and close the lid. Your food is kept hot until your guests or family are prepared to eat.
Now with our fantastic thermal  machines, you can ENJOY socializing with your meal guests, not prepare food for them just.
Like a hot meal a long time once you've ready it.
ENJOY the compliments you get on your beautifully designed food server!
You  can easily and hygienically transport your food at the correct temperature
Simply, ENJOY !
The thermal food server's colors and design are so attractive that you'll want to put it right on your serving table. It could even become the "centerpiece" of dinner conversation.